How many times in your life do you have the chance to champion the employment rights of hundreds, if not thousands of your co-workers? Do you think you can fairly and adequately represent the interests of a class of your former co-workers? If you answered yes to both questions, you should call David Mallen now to discuss your case as a possible class action lawsuit. 

You need not be an expert. What you must do is hire lawyers like David Mallen who have vast experience in employment law and class actions, lawyers who will litigate the case hard to get the possible settlement or judgment for the class.  

Common examples of class action lawsuits include:

• Wage and hour class actions involving minimum wage, overtime and/or meal period and rest period violations;
• Class actions involving company-wide discrimination in hiring or pay, because of race or national origin or gender;
• Consumer class actions involving corporate rip-off. 

Class action lawsuits often result in a special incentive award to the class champion who puts his or her name on the lawsuit and recovers hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, for a class of similarly situated people. This is up to the Court. 

If you have a valid class action, David Mallen and his team will put on the “full court press” to maximize the value of your case and get maximum recovery for you and the co-workers you champion. A class action lawsuit is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to do something special and selfless for others. In our experience, our class representatives have always been gratified by the results obtained for the class, and the day our class representatives stand up in court for the final approval hearing is a special day of celebration. David will be glad to meet and greet you, anytime and anywhere,  if you think you have a good class action.
If you think there may be a violation, the law is on your side. Call David. Now. 310-606-0065.
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