Harassment at work is against California law. It is an abuse of power due to your race, national origin, gender, age, pregnancy, sexual orientation or other protected classification.  

Your employer is strictly responsible for harassment by a high-level supervisor. If you are harassed by a co-worker, your employer is responsible only if you complain to your supervisor or HR Department, and your employer fails to take corrective action. You are well-advised to put the harassment complaint in writing.

Don’t go it alone. If you are harassed at work, we can often counsel you and help you navigate your way through employer policies. Even if we can’t help you make the harassment stop, we can help you make your case even stronger.

Workplace harassment robs people of their dignity and peace of mind. You can’t put a price tag on your peace of mind. What you can do is Call David Mallen to get help now.
If you think there may be a violation, the law is on your side. Call David. Now. 310-606-0065.
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