An offer for a severance agreement typically comes from an employer who wants to pay you money to buy peace from the threat of litigation.  

Often, a severance offer is accompanied by a multi-page document filled with legal jargon that requires you to waive important workplace rights and personal rights. 

When you need a lawyer to cut straight through the legal jargon and explain the meaning of a severance agreement in plain English, David Mallen is the man.  

For a flat rate of $500.00 (includes document review and discussion for up to two hours), David will meet with you in person at the office or somewhere else that is convenient for you. 

David not only lends clarity, he also analyzes any potential legal claims you may have and helps you negotiate an even better severance agreement for more money.  

All this for $500.00, backed by David Mallen’s money-back guarantee. If you don’t think David adds value to your severance negotiations, you can ask for your money back unconditionally. 

When was the last time you heard of a lawyer offering a money-back guarantee?
If your employer is taking money from you, have someone in your corner. Call David. Now. 310-606-0065.
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