In California, workers are protected by labor laws. Your place of birth or legal status does not matter. Once you are hired, you have the right to prompt payment of wages.   

Here are some examples of unpaid wage cases we accept:
• Making you show up early before clocking in, without pay, to prepare for work;
• “Shaving time” off your time cards; 
• Deducting 30 minutes when you get only 15-20 minutes for lunch; 
• Making you work through your lunch or 10-minute break;
• Falsely editing your electronic time records to cheat on wages or overtime;
• Firing you to avoid paying commissions or bonus;
• Paying you cash “under the table”.

If you have questions or think there may be a problem:

• Keep track of your work hours and pay. Every day, write down the date, when you start and end work, when you take breaks, the total hours worked, and what you are supposed to be paid (by hour or by piece or contract rate). Compare this with the information shown on your pay stubs.

• Tell your employer. You have a right to tell your employer, or complain if necessary, if you think you are getting cheated on wages or overtime. We recommend you do it in writing to protect yourself. It is illegal for any person to discharge, discriminate, retaliate, or take any other bad action against an employee for making such a complaint in good faith. 
If your employer is taking money out of your pocket, the law is on your side. Call David. Now. 310-606-0065.
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